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Bingham parish data.

The following are all the features that have been recorded for Bingham. The data is a small part of that which is in the database for each feature. Individual features BIN.SHE1, BIN.CRB13 and BIN.WIV24 are shown in more detail from the menu items Fosse Way, Hedgerow and Ash hedge. '

Feature codeFeatureDescriptionGrid ref (E Start)Grid ref (N Start)Grid ref (E End)Grid ref (N End)
BIN.SHE1Public R.O.W.Two-lane A46 (old road), the Fosse Way. It has now been remodelled since the new A46 was completed and opened in 2013 and is interrupted with a roundabout. The northern end of the feature is a spot in the middle of the Margidunum roundabout where the parishes of Bingham, East Bridgford, Car Colston and Shelford meet. 470020 341550 469370 340590
BIN.SAX2Public R.O.W.The old, two-lane A46, now redundant since the opening in 2013 of the new A46, but used for local traffic. It ends in the south at the Saxondale roundabout. Southward continuation of BIN.SHE1 469370 340590 468760 339680
BIN.CRB3Public R.O.W.The original two-lane A46, south from the Saxondale roundabout. No continuity with the northern extension because of new roundabouts. The northern 200 m are now a bridleway only. 468760 339680 468260 338820
BIN.SHE4Ditch or DykeDrainage ditch between the road and the boundary hedge. 469960 341460 469370 340590
BIN.SAX5Ditch or DykeDrainage ditch along the eastern side of the old A46. It is well maintained where the easter boundary is a field, but less so when it runs along the boundary of built-up Bingham. Here a sound berm has been put up and the ditch neglected. 469370 340590 468815 339725
BIN.CRB6Ditch or DykeDrainage ditch along the eastern side of the old A46. It is interrupted by the Foss Farm, which is now in ruins. 468760 339680 468260 338820
BIN.SHE7HedgeWell kept, mainly hawthorn hedge. Rose and elder have colonised it. Blackthorn and damson have seeded in the verge. 469980 341450 469840 341280
BIN.SHE8HedgeWell kept, low cut, old, mixed hedge extending 90 m north from the top of Chapel Lane, near Buggin's cottage. Boundary along the old A46. 469840 341280 469810 341210
BIN.SHE9HedgeLow cut, mixed hedge with several long gaps. The average is from complete stretches of hedge only. The hedge is from the south side of Buggin's cottage along the Fosse Way. 469800 341190 469590 340880
BIN.SHE10HedgeA well cut, short hedge along the Fosse Way from the end of BIN.SHE9 to the Fosse Farm. 469590 340880 469530 340810
BIN.SAX11HedgeAbout 200 metres long remnant from the railway line northwards. There is no hedge from the north end to Fosse Farm. It is about 50% hawthorn which has been planted as infill and never laid. The ash tree is ex-coppice and is about 60 years old. 469270 340380 469150 340240
BIN.CRB12HedgeThe northern 100m is hawthorn planted in 1987. Southwards the hedge has a low diversity, being mainly hawthorn. It is well kept, c2 to 2.5 m high, but not usually trimmed on the road side. Sign of old lays in places. Locally incorporates an old fence, now rotted. Signs of modern hawthorn replanting. 468720 339585 468270 338830
BIN.CRB13HedgeThe boundary starts at the Fosse Way and runs SE. The first 150 m are through a field and the boundary is marked by a track. Continuing from there the hedge is well kept, 11.5 to 2.5 m high, with some old lays and stretches of old fence incorporated in it. Hawthorn is dominant, much of it recently replanted. Hazel and beech are also recent replantings and not original. Stumps of old elm trees. The southern half is the more naturally diverse with crab apple and field maple, but has gaps and long stretches of hawthorn. Oak is unusually cut as a hedge. Mature oak and ash trees 60-70 years old are all that remain of many similar trees that were cut down in the 1960 (comment by the farmer) 468270 338830 469170 337280
BIN.CRB14Ditch or DykeThis is a maintained agricultural ditch, but it follows the course of an original natural stream. 469170 337280 469500 337380
BIN.CRB15TreeGirth measured 300 cm in 2002 (158 years). Growing at the edge of the parish boundary dyke. 469240 337320
BIN.CRB16TreeVery old tree that has been pollarded many times. 469280 337320
BIN.TBY17Ditch or DykeMaintained agricultural ditch which was originally a natural stream. 469500 337380 471261 338080
BIN.WIV18Ditch or DykeMaintained farm dyke that was originally a natural stream. 471261 338080 471760 228290
BIN.TBY19HedgeHedge cut on the north side only. About 1.8 m high, never laid. Grows on the north side of the dyke only. Blackthorn is dominant. It looks like natural regeneration. Where present the osier has been coppiced. 469510 337520 469770 337520
BIN.TBY20HedgeHedge runs eastwards from Tithby Road. A 2m high hedge on the north side of the ditch. Cut with old lays. It is mostly hawthorn with some long stretches of field maple and blackthorn. 370410 337650 371670 337750
BIN.TBY21TreeSmall clump of trees on the west side of Tithby Road. Looks like the end of a hedge that has grown wild. Several young elm, one young ash and one old oak. 370380 337650
BIN.TBY22TreeA single tree growing on the north side of the boundary ditch. There is no sign of it having been either coppiced or pollarded. Girth measured 320 cm in 2002 dating it to around 1830. 370590 337730
BIN.TBY23Hedge2 m high, cut, on north side of the dyke only, no lays seen, gaps. it is mostly blackthorn and is possibly all self set. The Norway maple is a recent planting. 470750 337780 471250 338080
BIN.WIV24Hedge2.5 m high, maintained hedge, but the top not cut. Mixed with long stretches of elm. Oak as trees. Probably this is self set. Mature trees include ash and oak. Some Norway maple and cherry have been planted in the last few decades. 471250 338080 471760 338290
BIN.WIV25Railway lineRailway embankment built in 1879. Self set hawthorn and blackthorn on the embankment. A farm track is to the west of it. west of the track is a ditch which is a continuation of BIN.WIV24. A hedge, probably self set follows the ditch, 2-3m high, cut on one side only. 471770 338290 471900 338219
BIN.WIV26Ditch or DykeA maintained farm ditch that was originally a stream. Remnants of a hedge with large gaps. It is mainly blackthorn , but there are some 7 m elms. It ends at the railway embankment. 471900 338219 472220 337995
BIN.WIV27Ditch or DykeA deep dyke that drains into the River Smite. 472295 337995 472595 338010
BIN.WIV28HedgeOriginal hedge no longer maintained, but allowed to grow. All trees well grown. Several ash trees have been coppiced. No dominant species. 472295 337995 472595 338020
BIN.WHA29RiverRiver Smite to Thorough Bridge over the Granby Lane. Trees grow along the river, in places resembling a hedge, but it is unlikely that there ever was a planted hedge here. A rectangular pond, possibly a reservoir, has Lombardy poplar, ash, hawthorn and white willow around it. 472595 338010 472862 338695
BIN.WHA30Public R.O.W.Granby Lane. A stretch of about 100 m north from Thorough Bridge is within the Whatton parish. 472862 338695 472785 338735
BIN.WHA31HedgeWell cut 2m high hedge mostly blackthorn near the river. 472862 338686 472785 338735
BIN.ASL32Public R.O.W.Granby Lane. Modern well-surfaced two lane road. Runs north to the A52. 472785 338735 472515 339295
BIN.ASL33HedgeDominantly hawthorn, 1.5 to 2 m high, regularly cut, old lays in it. Holly was found only near the cottage at the entrance to Starnhill Farm. Short stretches of mixed hedge. Good midland hawthorn in places. 472785 338735 472515 339295
BIN.ASL34Public R.O.W.A52 between the junction of Granby Lane and New Lane. Modern drainage ditches occur on both sides. 472515 339295 472825 339328
BIN.ASL35HedgeNorth side of the road. Mostly hawthorn, but a mixture of old and recently replanted. 1.7 m high and maintained. The hedge diverges northwards from the road at the eastern end. 472515 339335 472810 339352
BIN.ASL36Public R.O.W.Modern two-lane road called New Lane. Drainage ditches are present along both sides of the road. 472825 339328 472925 339745
BIN.ASL37HedgeMixed hedge with no more than 55% hawthorn. Field maple is locally dominant. Several ash trees coppiced more than 40 years ago. One ash tree with a girth of 140 cm, 75 years old in 2003. Cut to 1.5 m and well maintained. Ditch to the east is probably modern. 472800 339350 472760 339535
BIN.ASL38HedgeBoundary on the western side of the road to two modern fields apparently modern. Hedge set among an old fence, cut in pats only to 1.5 m high. Evidence that the hawthorn was laid about 1980 or so. Tree species ash, oak, sycamore and Norway maple have been planted at close intervals along the inside of the hedge. Girth suggests and age 1980 or so. 472760 339535 472825 339745
BIN.ASL39Ditch or DykeDitch along the parish boundary. Maintained for drainage. Situated on the south side of the boundary hedge. 472925 339745 472040 340410
BIN.SCR40Ditch or DykeDitch is a continuation to the NW of the feature BIN.ASL39 472040 340410 471785 340618
BIN.ASL41HedgeMixed hedge from New Lane to the railway line borders three modern fields. Hawthorn is dominant. Generally the sides are cut, but not the top, up to 3 m high. Some very old and some youngish hawthorn lays; one is 70 cm girth. Ash trees are ex-coppiced. Field maple and crab apple are full trees. 472925 339745 472532 339980
BIN.ASL42HedgeRemnant hedge about 100 metres long. Up to 7 m high, sides only trimmed. Small gaps. Mostly hawthorn and never laid. To the SE some hawthorn, elder and and rose are hedge remnants. A group of four willow trees about 90 years old at the northern end of the hedge. 472250 340230 472150 340300
BIN.SCR43Hedge90 metres long remnant with gaps of 10 to 20 m. 2m high. Trimmed, never laid. 471960 340460 471890 340520
BIN.SCR44TreeGroup of four, mature beech trees four metres apart. Carved bark. Underbrush of elder, rose and hawthorn. Mid 19th C age likely. 471780 340610
BIN.ASL45TreeA clump of four trees, each with several trunks from near the ground. Girth of biggest is 150 cm (in 2003). Possibly mid 19th C. 472150 340300
BIN.SCR46Ditch or DykeDrainage ditch runs straight to the NE and drains in that direction. Continuation of the drainage ditch that borders the south side of Parson's Hill. 471785 340618 472040 340410
BIN.SCR47Hedge2.5 m high hedge for 250m along the boundary ditch. Cut and maintained with old lays. Mostly hawthorn. Mature ash trees were originally coppiced. 471780 340610 471910 340830
BIN.SCR48TreeOld, once coppiced with 8 or 9 trunks 90 to 95 cm girth in 2003 and one at 160 cm girth. A second tree lies close by to the NW and has a 90 cm girth. Probably early 20th C. 472020 341010
BIN.CCO49Ditch or DykeDrainage ditch drains from the west , maintained, follows the northern foot of Parson's Hill. Probably a natural stream, originally. 472040 341020 471310 340928
BIN.CCO50HedgeHedge is uncut and never apparently laid. Gaps up to 20 m in places. It was possibly never planted as a hedge. There are tall, mature trees for most of its length. Hawthorn dominates in the east with diversity increasing after about 470 m. 472040 341020 471310 340928
BIN.CCO51TreeOne mature tree with two juveniles on either side. The main tree had a girth of 295 cm in 2003, and dated as c155 years. 471550 340990
BIN.CCO52TreeMature trees spread along the boundary ditch near Holme Farm. Two large ash, one once coppiced. One had girth of 212cm in 2003 (c110 years old then). A willow is old and broken with many branches from near the ground. Impossible to date. 471360 340930
BIN.CCO53BridgeStone bridge over the dyke that marks the parish boundary. 471330 340930
BIN.CCO54Ditch or DykeDitch draining the small lake on the west and running into feature BIN.CCO49 471310 340928 470580 341280
BIN.CCO55HedgeMaintained, 2.5 m high hedge, double in parts between two modern fences. 50-60 % hawthorn. Evidence of laying. Gaps in places. Oak, cherry and ash are all recent plantings. The sallow grows in the ditch. 471310 340928 470580 341280
BIN.CCO56PondPond about 140 m long. Ditches from the NE and two from the west drain into it at the western end. 470580 341280 470478 341400
BIN.CCO57Ditch or DykeDrain, now redundant, running from the edge of the road to the pond. 470478 341400 470118 341548
BIN.CCO58HedgeRemnant hedge about 30m long set on the drain. 470478 341400 470118 341538
BIN.CCO59UnmarkedThis is the unmarked gap between the end of the drain BIN.CCO57 and the centre of the Margidunum roundabout which is the junction of the four parishes. 470118 341538 470020 341255